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Heather Pearson

Yoga Teacher


Basically- I started doing yoga  for my body.  I could feel muscles getting tight and overworked from the gym and running- I thought yoga would be the solution...

But over time, yoga became much more than just a way to stretch.  It became what I needed to manage stress and to stay grounded.

I love working with athletes because I believe yoga can compliment any sport, improving both performance and recovery.  With a background in occupational therapy and public health, I take a holistic approach with my clients to meet their needs and their goals.

When I'm not on the mat, you can find me cycling on my gravel bike or swimming in my wetsuit. But 20 years later after stepping onto my mat for the first time, yoga is still a big part of my movement practice.

Training & Qualifications

200 Hr Teacher Training Graduate

500 Hr Teacher Training (Ongoing)

Yoga Sports Coach TM

MSc Public Health in Developing Countries

BSc Occupational Therapy

BSc Life Sciences

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